Heat treatment process of hot rolled aluminum plate 5052

hot rolled aluminum plate 5052 heat treatment process includes which aspects

  1. Heating.
  2. Insulation
  3. Cooling

hot rolled aluminum plate 5052

hot rolled aluminum plate 5052 heat treatment of the three parts of the detailed introduction

  1. heating, heating, including 5052 thick aluminum plate heating speed and heating temperature two parameters, due to the thermal conductivity and plasticity of 5052 aluminum alloy are better, you can use a fast speed heating, which not only improves production efficiency, but also helps to improve product quality. 5052 thick plate heating temperature should be strictly controlled regulations, especially for quenching and aging when the heating temperature control is more strict, must comply with the Process regulations.
  2. Insulation, insulation refers to 5052 thick plate aluminum alloy in the heating temperature stay time, stay time should ensure that the metal surface and the temperature of the central part of the same, 5052 alloy organization changes insulation time and many factors, such as product size, stacking and tightness, heating and heat treatment before the degree of metal deformation. In production is often based on experiments to determine the holding time.
  3. Cooling, cooling refers to the cooling of the material after heating and holding, the cooling rate of different heat treatment is not the same. Such as 6061 aluminum quenching requires a fast cooling rate, while the annealing of aluminum alloy with phase change requires a slow cooling rate.