Iranian Customers Visit Henan Huawei Aluminum Factory

In the autumn of last year, the long-term cooperative Iranian customer of Henan Huawei Aluminum came to our factory for a field visit.

huawei aluminum factory

Over the past ten years, Huawei Aluminum has been engaged in the production, processing, and manufacturing of aluminum industry products, and has successively delivered high-quality aluminum alloy products to more than 40 countries around the world, including aluminum plates, aluminum coils, aluminum foils, aluminum strips, aluminum circle disc, and other products. won a lot of high praise.

The Iranian customer's visit this time also wants to conduct an on-site inspection, seek further cooperation with Huawei Aluminum, and purchase more high-quality aluminum products.

Huawei Aluminum Factory

Iranian customers feedback that Huawei's aluminum products are of good quality and are processed very finely. After we got back the raw materials, the processing went smoothly. We hope that the future cooperation will be as pleasant as always and win-win with each other.