The truth behind medicine packaging - ptp blister aluminum foil

Everyone needs to take medicine when they are sick. Have you ever noticed what kind of package they come in?

As we'll see, the vast majority of them seem to be made out of aluminum foil.

So why use aluminum foil instead of plastic? This is related to the characteristics of aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil:

  1. High molecular density;Can insulate vapor, insulate light, airtight good.Because the medicine we take is afraid of moisture, oxidation, light, aluminum foil just meet.Such measures must be taken to keep the quality of the pill from changing due to the influence of humidity and light during its lifetime.
  2. Good ductility, easy to produce and disassemble.It means easy to break and eat.
  3. Smooth surface, not easy to pick up bacteria.Clean and hygienic.

Compound aluminum foil used for packaging medicine is called pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil, also be called PTP aluminum foil whose English name is Press through packaging.

So what are the main ingredients of ptp blister aluminum foil?

ptp blister aluminum foil

One of the main raw materials for the production of PTP aluminum foil is rigid pure aluminum foil for industrial use, which is commonly referred to as "primary aluminum foil" or "primary aluminum foil" in the pharmaceutical packaging material industry.Aluminum foil is the only metal material in the packaging material when used as pharmaceutical packaging material.

So why use aluminum foil instead of plastic?This is related to the characteristics of aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil:

  1. Moisture-proof, air-tight, shading, abrasion resistance, fragrance protection, non-toxic and tasteless, etc.;
  2. Elegant silver-white luster, easy to process all kinds of beautiful patterns and patterns;
  3. After aluminum foil is combined with plastic and paper, the shielding property of aluminum foil is integrated with the strength of paper and the thermal sealing property of plastic, which further improves the shielding property of aluminum foil tape as a packaging material to water vapor, air, ultraviolet light and bacteria, and greatly expands the application market of aluminum foil.

Because aluminum foil has these excellent characteristics, so far there is no other packaging materials to replace it, no matter what kind of steam plated film, or coated special film can not completely replace aluminum foil, aluminum foil has been sitting on the throne of packaging materials.

In the field of modern packaging decoration, almost all the composite flexible packaging materials that need impervious to light or high barrier are made of aluminum foil as barrier layer.

For example: all kinds of food packaging bags, sealing foil and so on

Of course, there must be other advantages to the aluminum foil that makes people so popular:

Because aluminum foil has both the above advantages, and light quality, a certain strength and good printing characteristics, it can also be printed on a variety of words or patterns.When blister packaging is made, it can be broken with a little pressure, which makes it convenient for patients to take medicine and carry it easily.