What Is Diamond Plate Aluminum Sheets 4x8?

The diamond plate is a pattern type of aluminum plate. 4x8 represents the size of the aluminum plate (4 feet in width and 8 feet in length), which is a widely used alloy specification. diamond plate aluminum sheets 4x8 refers to diamond aluminum sheets with a size of 4x8. Because of its good alloy strength and corrosion resistance, it is widely used in automobile pedals, bridge decks, buildings, etc.

钻石板铝板 4x8

Diamond plate aluminum sheets 4x8

Is 4x8 Diamond Plate Aluminum Strong?

In the application of aluminum plate, the aluminum 4x8 diamond plate has strong metal firmness, high strength, and is not easy to deform and bend. It is a good raw material for processing and production.

What Grade Is Diamond Plate Aluminum Sheets 4x8?

"Grade" represents the model of aluminum alloy, which is divided into 1-8 series. diamond  plate aluminum sheets 4x8 is a classification according to the surface treatment method of aluminum plate. 6061, 6082, 7075, 8011, 8021 aluminum alloys are the most suitable raw materials for diamond 4x8 aluminum plates.

How Much Does 4x8 Aluminum Diamond Plate Weigh?

The weight of the 1-series 4x8 aluminum sheet with a thickness of 3/16 inches is 38.277kg. The alloy density of the diamond aluminum sheet is almost the same as that of pure aluminum, and the weight is also similar. And the final weight depends on the thickness of the diamond 4x8 aluminum plate.

Aluminum Sheet Thickness

Aluminum Product


1/2 4 x 8 diamond aluminum sheet 102.45kg
1/4 51.23kg
1/8 25.61kg
1/16 12.81kg
3/16 38.28kg
5/16 64.03kg
3/8 76.86kg
7/16 89.67kg
9/16 115.29kg
11/16 140.91 kg
13/16 166.53kg
15/16 192.15kg

What Type Of Alloy Is Processed Into A Diamond Plate Aluminum Sheets 4x8?

The ordinary aluminum alloy diamond plate adopts 1060 aluminum plate, the aluminum-manganese alloy pattern aluminum plate adopts 3003 aluminum plate, and the aluminum-magnesium alloy pattern aluminum plate adopts 5000 series aluminum plate such as 5052 or 5083. Due to the different raw materials used in each patterned aluminum plate, its functional characteristics are also different.

In the actual selection, we must first understand the advantages of each patterned aluminum plate, and then choose according to the actual situation.

The production process of diamond plate aluminum sheets 4x8

What Is The Price Of Diamond Plate Aluminum Sheets 4x8?

1. Confirm the volume of the purchased aluminum plate first, that is, understand the thickness, width and length of the aluminum plate in detail, and take meters as the basic unit when calculating.

2. Calculate the total weight of the aluminum plate. Total weight of aluminum plate (unit: ton)= length × thickness × width × density of aluminum (2.7)× number of aluminum plate.

3. Calculate the exact price per ton of this type of aluminum plate: the price of aluminum ingots on the day + the manufacturer's processing fee of this product.

4. The total weight of aluminum plate multiplied by the price of aluminum plate per ton is the exact quotation of this product.

Let's take the 4x8 18 diamond plate with 500 sheets as an example:
Length: 8 feet = 2438.4 mm = 2.4 m
Width: 4 feet = 1219.2 mm = 1.2 m
Thickness: 1 8 in = 3.175 mm = 0.003175 m

Calculate the weight of the product first:

2.4 × 1.2 × 0.003175 × 2.7 × 500 = 12.3444 tons

4x8 1/8 diamond plate price is (aluminum ingot price of the day + aluminum plate manufacturer's processing fee) × 12.3444 tons = XXX yuan

4x8 Aluminum Diamond Sheet Application

What is aluminum sheet 4x8 diamond used for? Diamond 4x8 aluminum plate is a rectangular plate rolled and processed from aluminum ingots.It is widely used in pipeline insulation, workshop construction, building appearance, ceilings,furniture, cabinets, elevators, signs, nameplates, luggage, car interior and exterior decoration, refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment and other fields.

4x8 Aluminum Diamond Sheet Application

 Aluminum sheet used for pipe insulation 管道保温铝板
Aluminum sheet used for building-exterior 建筑外墙铝板
Aluminum sheet used for ceiling 铝板用于天花板
 Aluminum sheet used for car body 管道保温铝板
Aluminum sheet used for sign 标志用铝板

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