How to choose aluminum tread plate

How to choose aluminum tread plate?

Take a look at the thickness. The thickness, strength, and thickness of the oxide film selected for the excellent pattern aluminum plate should meet the national specifications: aluminum plate thickness ≥ 1.2mm, tensile strength ≥ 157 N / mm2, yield strength ≥ 108 N / mm2, oxide film Thickness ≥10 microns. If it fails to meet the specifications, it is a defective aluminum plate.

Second look at processing. Regulate the patterned aluminum plate produced by large factories, pay attention to the materials, the surface is smooth and bright, the pattern is clear and regular, the aluminum plate is flat, and the appearance is free of oil stains, scratches, and other shortcomings. The appearance is dull, the pattern is not clear and irregular, the surface of the board is uneven, the function is unqualified, and the quality is poor.

Third look at the offer. Patterned aluminum plate is divided into two kinds of pure aluminum and alloy, and their quotations are naturally different. The standard aluminum sheet processing fee produced by standard manufacturers is several thousand yuan per ton. The quotation of alloys is higher than that of pure aluminum. The aluminum quotations of standard manufacturers are 20% -30% higher than those of defective aluminum sheets. When the company purchases, it is forbidden to make a single price comparison. If you buy substandard products, you will regret it late.

Fouth. Look at service. From the manufacturer’s production line to the company’s workshop, the center must go through many steps of packaging, loading, transportation, storage, and unpacking. The patterned aluminum plate will inevitably show defects such as oxidation and scratches. Suppliers with large plans and good service will provide users with Retirement, change of service, to solve the worries for users.