The influence of the placement of inner coil in annealing furnace on the mechanical properties of aluminum coil

Coil placed way after the improvement of hot air flow direction and the way of change, before improvement of hot air flow will be more slow, this is because the coil of the upper and lower surface area is bigger, the block effects of hot air will be more obvious, and because the surface of the coil and direction are perpendicular to each other, so hot blast theory on each plate stay longer, so the temperature of the hot air will decline, hot air in contact with the plate, the temperature will be lower than the previous temperature, thus more let the temperature differences between different coil increasing.In addition, due to the surface of the hot air leaving the coil, the 90 - degree shift will happen, this shift is largely theoretical, in most cases the wind of change is not 90 degrees, so the wind will happen after a coil, that is, when the vertical blowing hot air after a first coil of the wind, not as a vertical direction will happen some deviation, and with the upward mobility, hot wind deviation will be more and more big, so at the top of the furnace, the wind will be very confusion, may appear more than hot breeze blowing the same coil at the same time,And some coil and no hot wind to heat the situation.

On the other hand, the improved coil placement method can effectively increase the number of coils placed in the furnace, which can also greatly reduce the cost of coil heating.


Through the above analysis, we can see clear that improvements in the annealing furnace coil placed way, first of all, effectively alleviate the same coil heating temperature nonuniformity, and also can effectively reduce the temperature difference between the different coil, the last is the laying methods can increase the number of coil is placed inside the furnace, reduce the cost of heating coil.