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Date:Based on January 13th,2022 SMM Price 2646.13USD
Date LME LME Weekly Price 2022-12 LME Average 2022-12 SMM Average
2022-01-09(Monday) 2336.5$ 2428.5$ 2394.88$ 2721.60$
2022-01-10(Tuesday) 2397$
2022-01-11(Wednesday) 2451$
2022-01-12(Thursday) 2447$
2022-01-13(Friday) 2511$

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 Large extra-wide aluminum coil

Are you anxious to find a factory that can make extra-wide aluminum sheets and coils?

Look here, Huawei Aluminum helps you solve this problem.

aluminum coil for sale

 Large extra-wide aluminum coil specification

Alloy: 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 series Temper: H14,H16, H18 ,O,H112
Aluminum sheet thickness: 4.5-100MM
Aluminum sheet width: Aluminum sheet
Aluminum coil: 0.3-4.5 MM
Aluminum coil: 600MM--2620MM

 Large extra-wide aluminum coil application

Extra-wide aluminum sheets and coils are widely used in roof material, container bodies.

aluminum coil

 Large extra-wide aluminum coil packaging

Your inquiry will be treated seriously and answered timely. Buy aluminum sheet, welcome to inquire us, we are glad to service for you.