What is thick aluminum sheet?

What thickness does aluminum sheet come in? Aluminum plate refers to aluminum materials with a thickness of more than 0.2mm to less than 500mm, a width of more than 200mm and a length of fewer than 16m as aluminum plate or aluminum sheet, less than 0.2mm as aluminum, and a width of less than 200mm as row or strip (of course, with the progress of large equipment, there are more aluminum plates with a maximum width of 600mm).
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The main sizes of thick aluminum plates we sell are 6mm - 100mm.

 Aluminum sheet thickness

Aluminum Sheet GaugeGauge SpecificationIn(inch)MM(millimeter)
8 gauge aluminum sheet1/8"0.1293.264
9 gauge aluminum sheet1/9"0.1142.906
10 gauge aluminum sheet1/10"0.1022.588
11 gauge aluminum sheet1/11"0.0912.304
12 gauge aluminum sheet1/12"0.0812.052
13 gauge aluminum sheet1/13"0.0721.829
14 gauge aluminum sheet1/14"0.0641.628
15 gauge aluminum sheet1/15"0.0571.450
16 gauge aluminum sheet1/16"0.0511.290
17 gauge aluminum sheet1/17"0.0451.151
18 gauge aluminum sheet1/18"0.4031.024
19 gauge aluminum sheet1/19"0.0360.912
20 gauge aluminum sheet1/20"0.0320.813

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 What is the thickness tolerance on aluminum sheets?

Aluminum Sheet GaugeIn(inch)MM(millimeter)Tolerance
6 gauge aluminum sheet0.1624.115± 0.014"
7 gauge aluminum sheet0.1443.665± 0.009"
8 gauge aluminum sheet0.1293.264± 0.006"
9 gauge aluminum sheet0.1142.906± 0.005"
10 gauge aluminum sheet0.1022.588± 0.006"
11 gauge aluminum sheet0.0912.304± 0.0045"
12 gauge aluminum sheet0.0812.052± 0.0045"
13 gauge aluminum sheet0.0721.829± 0.0043"
14 gauge aluminum sheet0.0641.628± 0.0040"
15 gauge aluminum sheet0.0571.450± 0.0035"
16 gauge aluminum sheet0.0511.290± 0.0035"
17 gauge aluminum sheet0.0451.151± 0.0040"
18 gauge aluminum sheet0.4031.024 ± 0.0035"
19 gauge aluminum sheet0.0360.912± 0.0035"
20 gauge aluminum sheet0.0320.813 ± 0.0030"

 How to choose thick aluminum sheet plate?

Industrial production has relatively high requirements on the thickness of aluminum sheets. If the thickness of the aluminum plate is too thin, it is easy to deform during the production process. If the thickness is too thick, the production difficulty will increase. In conventional production, aluminum with a thickness of more than 2.0 mm is often used. Such as 3mm aluminum sheet

Hot sell thickness

10mm, 15, 20mm, 40mm etc

 Thick aluminum sheet features

1. Easy to process. Thick plates can be mixed with other metals during processing to obtain cast aluminum alloys with good casting properties or deformed aluminum alloys with good processing plasticity.
2. Thick aluminum sheet has good electrical and thermal conductivity.
3. Low density. The density of thick aluminum sheets and aluminum alloys is close to 2.7g/, which is about 1/3 of iron or copper.
4. High strength. The aluminum thick plate has high strength, and the strength of the matrix can be strengthened after a certain degree of cold working. Some grades of aluminum alloys can also be strengthened by heat treatment.
5. Thick aluminum sheet has good corrosion resistance.
The surface of the thick aluminum plate is easy to naturally produce a dense and firm AL2O3 protective film, which can well protect the substrate from corrosion.

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