Lightweighting is an important measure to improve the range of new energy vehicles

New energy vehicles are helpful in achieving energy saving and emission reduction and relieving environmental pressure. But at present, the battery used in new energy vehicles can not meet the vehicle range requirements, only to reduce the weight of the vehicle to improve the range. The relevant research shows that the weight of pure electric vehicles can be reduced by 10kg and the range can be increased by 2.5km, which shows the importance of lightweighting.

automotive aluminum sheet

The development of automotive lightweighting is inseparable from the choice of vehicle materials. Among many lightweight materials, aluminum alloy material has obvious advantages. The density of aluminum is small, only 1/3 of steel. Replacing steel with aluminum alloy material can realize structural optimization and make the body reduce weight by more than 50%. Because aluminum alloy has the advantages of high strength, corrosion resistance, good processing performance and high recycling rate, it makes the amount of aluminum in the automobile grow rapidly.

At present, the aluminum alloys used for automotive lightweighting are 5182, 5083, 5754, 5052, 6061 alloy aluminum sheet, etc. They are used in different parts of vehicles. 6061 aluminum sheet is a common alloy for automotive wheels as well as new energy vehicle battery base plates. We can process 6061 aluminum sheet with thickness 0.30-600mm and width 150-2600mm, which has medium strength, high corrosion resistance and good weldability, and has good application in the field of car chassis protection parts, car doors, wheels and seats.