The opening of the us chocolate foil market

Cathy, our new foreign trade employee, has not issued an order since she joined the company three months ago. It may be because she is not familiar with foreign trade. Every time she writes an email or talks about a client, she has many problems.

Cathy was about to give up when she received an inquiry for chocolate foil from the United States. As an aluminum foil manufacturer for 18 years, we have always been doing raw materials instead of finished products, because finished products usually have small orders and high labor costs. However, in order to support Cathy and give her a chance to increase her confidence, our boss David decided to accept the finished product order and secretly negotiated with the factory to accept the order. One is to support the new employees, the other is to try to develop the market of finished product order.

The process was difficult, and with great hope, the client initially asked for a free sample list. But we are also willing to provide free samples and bear the freight. In this way, our Cathy has been following up and caring about the customer’s situation since the first inquiry was received to confirm the sample list till the end of September. We finally received a large order from this American customer today. The process was hard, but the results were encouraging.

Our boss awarded her a certificate of honor and a handsome bonus in return for winning such a significant contract. This order is of great significance to us. On the one hand, Cathy has learned a lot of skills of talking about customers through this order, which has enhanced her confidence. On the other hand, this order gives our company a pioneering road from 0-1 in the aluminum finished product, which gives us the foundation and confidence to develop the finished product market in the future.

This order tells us that there are many ways to be successful, but as long as you are willing to try and work hard, you will always open up your own way to success.

Thanks for the trust of our customers, thanks for the support of our boss to the new employees and brave attempts to the unknown, and thanks for Cathy’s belief that she never gives up, we have achieved this great success.